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The Bebe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener: Does It Work?

Here it is, the Bebe Sounds Prenatal Heart listener - cost $20.  Katy Hardin is pregnant with her second baby -- priceless!  

"I'm 30 weeks," she said. With Katy so far along, a heartbeat should be easy to hear with the Bebe Sounds, at least one would think. 

"All you have to do is take this flat part and press it around your belly to see if you can find your baby's heartbeat," said Cecelia Jones.

Katy did exactly what I told her to do and searched for baby boy number two's heartbeat. "I hear a lot of thumping, but it doesn't sound like a heartbeat," said Katy.

A baby's heartbeat in the womb should sound evident and rapid.  But all Katy could hear was a hollow sound, with random popping noises.

Were we doing this right? Is there a trick to using this thing?  To get that answer, we headed over to see Gwen Mandrell at the Grace Clinic. She's local ob/gyn Dr. Duncan Burkholder's nurse.

"There's a lot of static.  You have to press this down and hold it and so I'm getting a lot of interference with me pressing this and moving it around.  I can't hear a heartbeat," said Gwen.

But, with the doctor's $600 ultrasonic device, you can hear the baby's heartbeat clear and with no problem. Gwen didn't like the Bebe Sounds and neither did Katy.  Both say this product doesn't work!

Online ratings give this product 1 1/2 stars out of five stars.  Most people say they can't hear a heart beat at all. The product sells for $20 and can be purchased at Target.

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