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Food for Thought Report 8.30

Out of 66 food establishments inspected this week, only one makes the Food for Thought list, and unfortunately it's not at the top.

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Food for Thought 8.30
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 8/30/07.

We begin at Dairy Queen at 2311 Avenue Q where inspectors found five critical violations.

Manager Atanacio Hernandez invited us inside to show customers everything has been corrected.

  • Food in the walk-in cooler was above 41 degrees.

"During lunch we have to open the door to get our salads at least once or twice every couple of minutes. It's hotter in here, and when we open the door the heat goes in there and it brings down our temp, but normally it's about 40 degrees or lower."

  • An employee did not wash their hands before putting on gloves.

"I think the problem that day was they were putting meat in (the cooler) and we got kind of busy so they just there the box back there. They want us to change our gloves when we touch a box and go back to making food."

  • A food storage container did not have a date marked.

"We got busy and we had (the containers) sitting on the side and (the labels) were already made out but we hadn't put them on here."

  • An ice scoop handle was submerged in ice. 

"I guess somebody didn't sit it in there right because it gets hard after awhile and it just fell down."

  • There was mildew on the inside of an ice machine.

"When they get ice, the air circulates in here. It could have been mildew or grease, but on the safe side they let us know about that."

Atanacio says keeping a clean kitchen is all about routine, but health inspections serve as a good reminder. "I'm glad they came to keep us on our toes. (It) helps us put out some safe food for our customers."

The report shows that all violations were corrected while the inspector was there.

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