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HealthWise at 5 From 8.31

  • Avoiding Hip Replacement

A new test could save patients with hip replacements from unnecessary surgery. Researchers at England's University of Bath have developed a test to measure sound vibrations in the joint. And judging by the different vibrations, they can tell whether a patient who has had a hip replacement is having pain because of an infection, or because the joint has loosened. If it's an infection, the patient would just take antibiotics, but a loose joint could mean surgery. But by using this ultrasound test at the hip, researchers know that if the sound frequencies are regular, the joint is still firmly attached and if the waves are irregular, it means the joint has come loose.

  • Choose Blue

Here's something dieters can snack beats out white when it comes to tortillas. Studies by the Society of Chemical Industry have found that colored flatbreads, like tortillas, are actually healthier for dieters and diabetics. Apparently, blue tortillas have less starch and a lower glycemic index than the white corn version. They add that blue tortillas also have about twenty percent more protein than the white.

  • Body Temperature

Though it may feel good going down, ice cream won't do much to cool you down on a hot day, because your body temperature depends on how hydrated you are. In other words, it really depends on how much water you have in your muscles, cells and blood. When body water levels are low, the body has a hard time staying at its normal temperature. Ice cream helps a little, but it's not enough fluid to truly cool you down. A glass of water is a better way to chill out.

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