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Certain Lubbock Residents Go Without Water For A Year

A Lubbock family has been without running water for more than a year.  The city council is now aware of that fact and is moving forward with plans to provide water.

"It's just the grace of God that's given me the courage to continue living like this, but I'm here to tell you I can't do it anymore. I need your help," Maria Rosas told city council members last Thursday. 

She has been carrying water to her home in buckets and jugs since August of last year.  Rosas lives in Councilman John Leonard's District, and he tells us Thursday was the first time he had heard about this problem.  Now he and the council are working on an emergency resolution to provide water to the home.

Rosas lives on Wausau Avenue, just south of 19th Street.  The land is in the Carlisle area, and the city annexed it years ago.  While there is a water line along 19th, there is no line along Wausau.

Rosas and her neighbors used to purchase well water. That well sits up the road on the corner of 19th and Wausau, but the land owner stopped that agreement, due to possible contamination issues.

Councilman Leonard tells us that Rosas applied for assistance in June of 2006, but she couldn't afford the rest of the cost to bring the line in, so since about August of last year, Rosas and her neighbors have hauled in water.

"So all this time has passed; the grant money was going to be approved, processed, everything, but she didn't have the funds at that time, so we're talking about over a year ago, to actually have the line installed," Councilman Leonard said.

Rosas lives about 100 yards away from the city's water line.  She would have to pay what's called the pro rata to bring that line in, which would cost around $17,000.

Leonard says typically developers pay that cost, and then it's built into the price of a new house.

Now, the city is working on a resolution to take care of most of that cost under the safety and health codes.  It would bring the line to her home, and then a grant would pay for a plumber to connect that line to Rosas' house.

She would have to pay about $1,500, and city says that would be divided up into payments.

Leonard expects that resolution to go before the council at their next meeting, but the city is already planning out the line on Wausau.  NewsChannel 11 will keep you up to date with the very latest.

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