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The Quick Chop: Does It Work?

I don't know about you, but I hate dicing and cutting tomatoes and onions for meals I'm preparing. The Quick Chop promises to make it easier for you. So we tested it to answer the question for you, Does it Work?

The maker's are calling the Quick Chop the 'chef's kitchen mate', we'll see about that. Gabriel Rizzo is a chef in Lubbock, so he's pretty accustomed to chopping food. Since the Quick Chop says it's perfect for vegetables, onions, nuts, and ice; we thought let's give it a shot. Before we test it out, this is how it works. The second you tap down, six carbon steel blades chop the food. As it retracts, the blades rotate.

We begin our test by chopping the ice. Easy as pie. Now, we'll see if the Quick Chop can slice this pear. "Maybe I put too much in there, but it's not bad," said Rizzo.

Gabriel had some pecans we chopped up. "See what it does it turns it around in there. It moves the product around. So, if you don't put too much in, maybe I put too much," stated Rizzo.

That worked pretty good, right? We thought this gadget would have a tough time cutting celery, but there was no problem there either.

Everything was working out well until we tried out an onion. That's when the Quick Chop's plunger began to stick and it did not dice the onion as well as the box says it would. It did not stop there. The blades would not penetrate the skin of a tomato. After flipping it, it still did not chop all the way. "It didn't do a good job on the tomatoes. Some of the things for the average person in the kitchen the house wife or something. It's not a bad kitchen gadget," said Rizzo.

All in all it worked pretty well so we can say that it works!

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