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Driver's Fast Actions At Lady Luck Speedway Cause Investigation

Two agencies are investigating the alleged fast actions of drivers at the Lady Luck Speedway in southeast Lubbock.

Friday night, sheriff's deputies responded to the speedway, formerly the Tech Motor Speedway, after one driver jumped on the hood of other car during a race.

Late Friday night, Pam Gray was filming the final race of the season at the Lady Luck Speedway, but as Gray zoomed in, her hands started to shake.

"I didn't know what was happening and didn't know who to go on, so I filmed wide," Gray said.

On tape, Gray caught an apparent fight between two stock car drivers.

"All the sudden, I saw the black car go up on turn two which the 49 car had over powered him and pushed him up, probably a racing deal. He got to turn three and pushed him up again," Gray added.

The two then continue to go back and forth, before the driver of the white car got out and headed toward the black car.

"I saw him jump on the car as it was taking off. I don't believe it looks like he tried to run over," Gray said.

The then driver moves halfway around the track before officials stop him.

The owners of Lady Luck Speedway are declining to comment at this time because of the investigation. The owner of Lubbock Motor Speedway says drivers often race all summer for points.

"That creates a lot of competitiveness between drivers and when you have that situation anything can occur," Owner of Lubbock Motor Speedway Berry Joachim said.

Adults are not the only fans filling the stands. Many time evening races are a family event with kids also cheering.

"All these guys are grown men and are individuals the kids look up to, and these are two popular drivers as well," Gray added.

Another eyewitness contacted NewsChannel 11. She says the driver of the white car didn't jump on the black car. Instead, the black car clipped him, pushing him on top of it.

 We are told the drivers could face fines along with suspension from the governing body of stock car racing. Lubbock Sheriff's deputies say they plan to present the case to the district attorney upon completions of their investigation.

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