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The Patch Perfect: Does It Work?

No more urine spots, perfect for shaded areas, grows anywhere, and handles high traffic. The Patch Perfect is the "spread it n' forget it" grass seed. It's a combination of fescue, ryegrass, bluegrass and red fescue.

"Let me show you our testing areas for the Patch Perfect. Over here we have a huge tree and you can see that it is shady where the grass isn't growing. In our case, weeds. Then we have another one by the shrubs. It doesn't get a lot of sun but you can see bald spots," Cecelia said.

I read over the instructions.  "Loosen one inch of the soil with a small rake," Cecelia said.

The instructions say you have to clear away the debris and loosen the ground. I quickly found out, this wasn't going to be easy. 

OK, I have to admit, I gave up on this area. The ground was simply to hard. So I watered it in hopes to soften it up. What you didn't see is my photographer Sammy showing pity on this pregnant woman.  He raked the ground for me and I did the rest. I sprinkled the seeds on the ground with my hands.  The instructions say to spread it on a 1/4 inch thick.

"Look at what I've covered so far and I only have this much of the bag left. You can go through that pretty fast," Cecelia said.

Definitely not enough to do the corner of the yard, but enough to finish up this test with seeds on the cinder block.  Remember, this product says the grass will grow anywhere.  After watering the ground and the block, I guess it's just wait and see.

We'll bring you the results in a couple of weeks.

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