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Lubbock Firefighters Look Back On 9/11

First responders from New York to Lubbock are people who put their lives on the line everyday to save lives.

"Today, our fellow citizens. Our way,"you just kind of stay lost and numb somewhat at everything that was going on," said President Bush on September 11th, 2001.

"It wasn't a big deal until we started seeing the buildings collapse and the you was like, there was people in there, and there were firefighters all in that thing," said Lubbock firefighter Brent Tyson.

That day changed our lives and our country. In an instant, it was different. For Lubbock firefighters, it's a day that will always stay fresh in their memories.

"It was a shift I'll never forget obviously. Those are days none of us will forget," said Cpt. Bill Thomas of Fire Station #7 in Lubbock.

And now six years, later...

"It almost seems like it was just yesterday. I think we're more aware of our surroundings I think we're more aware of the danger that could happen at any time," Tyson said. 

Firefighters take the situations that change our lives, and they fight back, and on 9/11 they did just that with no concern for the cost.

"You see the fire, and you see what was going on, and the first thing that we realize is that I know firefighters are heading up those buildings while everybody else is heading down those buildings," Tyson said.

"You try to put your game face on, and everybody's here to do a job, and if the alarm goes off, just like if it would right now. I'm leaving and going to take care of business," Cpt. Thomas said.

A business that saves lives, and when you're a firefighter it doesn't matter what town you work in, New York or Lubbock...

"The firefighters and rescue workers that responded to that call in New York, they're all throughout the United States. They're here in Lubbock. They're across Texas and those same people would go to the same scene with out hesitation," Tyson said. 

That's something for which we can all be thankful.

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