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The Patch Perfect Results: Does It Work?

For those of you who didn't catch last week's Does It Work, the Patch Perfect is the kind of grass seed that grows anywhere! To test that theory, we put some seeds on a cinder block, just like the infomercial.  We will get to those results in a minute.

The Patch Perfect grass is a combination of fescue, ryegrass, bluegrass and red fescue. The directions told us to rake the top layer of the ground by about one inch. Then spread the seed on the dirt a quarter inch thick. Well, our little bag said it contained enough seeds to cover 100 square feet, but it really didn't, so I had to spread the seeds sparingly.

It took about six days for this growth to come up. It wasn't as thick as I thought it was supposed to be.  But I think if I had used it on spots like this.  Perhaps it would have been thicker. But, the grass was a pretty green in color and grew nearly two inches in one week.

To my disappointment though, and I'm sure yours, the grass never made it on the cinder block. You can thank Mother Nature for that. It washed away all my seeds. 

Does It Work? I think it does, but the only thing I warn you about is the amount of ground one bag says it will cover. I found that not to be truthful.

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