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LPD Searching For Cinder Block Burglar

Lubbock Police are asking for your help in identifying the suspects behind a recent rash of burglaries.  Four times this week, Hub City retailers had their front windows busted out and merchandise stolen.

Someone hit Jonathan-Rae early Wednesday morning, by throwing a cinder block through the front door.  The suspect took thousands of dollars in clothes.  Management tells NewsChannel 11 this is the first time and the last time.

"The first time and the last; we are installing cameras in the front and all outside to prevent this from happening again," Jonathan-Rae Manager, Jonathan Garcia said.  

He learned early Wednesday morning that some broke into the store and stole some specific merchandise.

"They took quite a bit of our men's jeans, by the stacks," Garcia said. 

The suspect also took dresses, women's jeans, and polos, with a combined value of between $6,000 to $7,000.

"We're thinking that he had been in here before, so he knew what he was coming after," Garcia said. 

Investigators say a burglar hit Beall's Department Store on 50th Street with the same M.O., breaking in the front with a cinder block.

"Quite often we get reports that they go into a store like this with a shopping list.  They may even make an initial run into the store during business hours to determine where the product is, the sizes they're looking for," Lubbock Police Sgt. Mark Wims said. 

The suspect ran through the store just before midnight Saturday, but he targeted shoes then.

Now, police are trying to determine if this suspect is behind the burglary at Jonathan-Rae, and two others at local rent to own stores.

"We're counting on the public's help in identifying this suspect that's in the surveillance video," Sgt. Wims said. 

"Hopefully we'll get this guy," Garcia said. 

If you can help police ID the suspect, give Crime Line a call at (806)741-1000.

Sgt. Wims says the best way for stores to protect themselves is to install bars, or some sort of grating on their front window, but if you can't do that, the next best thing is a good video system.

Sgt. Wims says a suspect vehicle was mentioned on one report, but since that was seen earlier, and just in the parking lot, they're not focusing on that vehicle right now.

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