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Lubbock Military Father Agrees With President

Thursday evening, President Bush announced that by Christmas, 5,700 troops could be home. That's welcome news for everyone who has a loved one serving overseas.

NewsChannel 11 joined the Thomann family, who's son just arrived in Iraq, to find out what they thought of Thursday's address.

Michael Thomann tells us he agrees with everything the President said Thursday.  His son Christopher has been with the Army National Guard for the past two years, but he arrived in Iraq just about seven weeks ago on his first deployment. 

Mister Thomann and his son both say troops cannot just leave Iraq.

"I agreed with everything he said. It's a war that's right and just," Michael Thomann said. 

Thomann and his daughter Laura watched Thursday's address with their son and brother first in their minds.

"We must help Iraq defeat those who threaten its future and also threatens ours," President Bush said during Thursday's address. 

"If we leave too soon, I do believe that it would create a vacuum, that Iran, Syria would probably join forces and just take that region over, and we can't afford that. The world can't afford that," Thomann said. 

"The Iraqi Army is becoming more capable, although there is still a great deal of work to be done to improve the national police, because of that success, General Patraeus believes we have now reached the point where we can maintain our security gains with fewer American forces," Bush said. 

General Patraeus recommends not replacing about 2,200 Marines scheduled to Leave Anbar Province later this month.  Patraeus also say it will soon be possible to bring 5,700 service men and women by Christmas.  By July, Army combat bergaids could drop from 20 to 15 in Iraq.

"I pray every night for our troops, for my son, that everyone would be safe, and come home someday.  Come home around Christmas time, that would be great.  I'd love to have my son back, but he has a strong faith in his God, and that Jesus Christ is his savior," Thomann said. 

"He has pride in his country; he knows what right from wrong, and I try to teach him to always do what's right, and he feels that's what he's doing is defending us," Thomann added. 

Thomann believes the U.S. will always have a presence in Iraq. His hope is that bringing Democracy to that country will allow it to spread through the entire region.

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