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Two-Year-Old Back Home After Found Wandering County Roads

A 2-year-old girl, a dark county road and the early morning hours, those are things you don't usually think of together. However, that combination led to a door-to-door search in south Lubbock County Friday morning.

A passer-by saw a toddler walking by herself near 98th and avenue P around 3:45 Friday morning and immediately called authorities.

The little girl lives on County Road 7250 about a mile from where she was found wandering by herself.

"It was right close to 4 or 4:15," said neighbor Doris Russell. That's what time Lubbock County Sheriff deputies pounded on Russell's door.

"He explained there was a toddler they had found just over about a block from my house. And did I know anybody who had a child about that age," Russell said.

But unfortunately Russell did not. So, authorities kept knocking while the child remained wrapped in a blanket in the back of a sheriff deputy's car.

"They went every door on this block that block I didn't which I don't think they found on this block. But he said we're going to keep knocking on doors until we find the parents of this child," Russell added.

After knocking on more than 45 doors and an hour and a half hour later, deputies were able to reunite mother and child.  Her home is about a mile from where she was found just south of 98th and Avenue P.

The sheriff's department says the toddler's mother Crystal Salomon did not realize her daughter was missing. "The back door unlocks from the outside but not from the inside. So you can turn it and it will open up," Salomon said.

Salomon said they have been living in this house for just two weeks and that she was not aware the locks were so easy for a child to undo. In addition, while the 2-year-old did not know where she lived, she did know her mother's car was red.

"I'm fortunate that she catches on to things real quick," Salomon added.

 Moreover, fortunate that a neighbor suggested authorities knock on her door.

"He lives a block over and he knew we had just moved in, so he assumed it was us," Salomon added.

Salomon is urging parents to check their house locks so they do not get a knock in the middle of the night, as she did.  The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office says there will be no charges in this case.

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