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Volunteers Discover Bones and Clothing in Merimon Search

The search for missing Lubbock woman Peggy Merimon continued Saturday. Led by bounty hunter Gary Pringle and Gearl Merimon, Peggy's husband, dozens of volunteers came out again to search for Peggy, and at one point, it looked as if they may have found what they've been looking for now, for 402 days.

Hopes flew high as one of the search parties came across what they thought were human remains. In fact, the Lubbock Sheriff's Office came out to the scene along with an anthropologist from Texas Tech because several of the bones found didn't look like the animal remains teams have found in the past.

Unfortunately, after review by the experts, it turns out that what was found wasn't human, and because of days like Saturday, Peggy Merimon's husband, Gearl says he's really numb to the whole thing.

"We've done so many times, and we haven't come across the actual thing and I really don't build up any hope that it is. So I actually guess I don't feel anything until I actually know," Gearl said.

The search concluded at 4:00 p.m. Saturday.

Gearl Merimon and Gary Pringle say hope isn't lost. In fact, Gearl will be back out next Friday and Saturday just like he has been every weekend since Peggy went missing in August 2006.

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