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Merimon Searchers Find Remains

The search for missing Lubbock woman Peggy Merimon continued Saturday, and Saturday's search found something, giving the Merimon family and search volunteers continued hope. 

After those clothes and remains were found, the Lubbock Sheriff's Office was contacted. Soon after that deputies were on the scene along with an anthropologist to identify the remains. Sadly, the remains were found to be animal, but that's not hurting the hopes of the family and searchers. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

"This process today [Saturday] brought us one step closer to finding Peggy Merimon, and it's an indication to the perpetrator that we won't stop until we do find Peggy," bounty hunter Gary Pringle said.

Pringle lead a new search Saturday. This one about 5 miles northeast of Shallowater. 

"This is all adrenalin. When we think we found something our adrenaline goes sky high," Pringle added.

Remains, along with fragments of clothes, prompted Gearl Merimon to contact the Lubbock Sheriff's Department. Sheriff's deputies along with an anthropologist came to the scene.

"There are some skeletal remains out here but they're all animal," Dr. Robert Paine said.

Paine is the director of the forensic sciences program at Texas Tech University, and his expert opinion has been used in investigations like this in the past.

"I think it was handled exactly the way it should be. The folks were out here looking for human remains. They thought they had found something. They contacted local authorities, in this case it's the sheriff's department. The sheriff's department came out here to look at it. They gave me a call and I was able to help them out on it. It took about an hour," Paine said.

"Going on 402 days now, and we've done a lot of searches. So it's... we try not to be disappointed. That's the big thing. Keep my hopes up and keep looking," Gearl Merimon said.

Gearl added that he'll be back out next Friday and Saturday, just like he has been since his wife Peggy went missing in August 2006.

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