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More and More Lubbock Restaurants are Going Trans Fat Free

It seems Lubbock is getting a little healthier. A survey performed by the Lubbock Health Department shows more and more restaurants here are going trans fat free, but does it really matter to the public?

We went out to find out...and for some, trans fat free has become a lifestyle, and others could care less whether the restaurant they walk into is free of trans fats.

Six months ago, the Lubbock Health Department knew of less than a handful of completely trans fat free restaurants in the area. Since then, the health department performed a survey to get the skinny on which Lubbock restaurants are helping to keep their customers healthy.

It seems there's a trend; dozens of local dining spots are now completely trans fat free. 

 Restaurants like Jason's Deli are opting out trans fats. They are even promoting their move with a campaign called trans fat freedom. They went trans fat free back in 2004, which wasn't such a hit back then, now it's the main reason some people dine there.

The manager of Jason's deli explains, "Our customers love us because we keep them healthy what's good for us, is good for them."

Trans fats may taste better, but it's the kinds of hydrogenated cooking oils that experts contribute to heart disease and obesity. But those health risks aren't scaring everyone who eats out.

Scott Stevenson, the owner of Jake's Sports states, "here at Jake's we don't have a lot of customers that are looking for trans fat free food, they're looking for good fired hotties and french fries and hamburgers."

Jakes Sports Café is not trans fat free and the owner, Scott Stephenson says he doesn't see that changing in the near future. His reasoning is that it would increase the cost of frying and that customers at Jake's aren't interested in it.

For some trans fats or not, taste is all that matters. The decision to go trans fat free is being felt around the nation.

New York has banned trans fats from restaurants. And several other states are currently waiting for legislation to pass that would ban all trans fats from restaurants statewide. Texas is not one of them, as of yet.

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