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Chlorine Levels In Drinking Water Too Low To Be Safe

South Overton residents are getting a science lesson in their tap water. Random city testing and homeowner tests found the level of chlorine in the water was too low, and that's why fire hydrants are being opened.

"Keep flushing it until we get that residual up... that's all it takes," Lubbock's Water Inspector Gilbert Gonzales said.

Our water is treated with chlorine before it's sent to our homes to kill any bacteria. Then small amounts of chlorine come to our homes to make sure the water is safe once it get's to us. That's called the residual chlorine and it needs to be between 0.5 and 3.0 to be considered safe.

"It all depends on the demand of the water. You know sometimes you don't use the water enough, the water get's stagnant, and the water's not moving and that effects it quite a bit," Gonzales added.

"At some point I decided to get one of these little test kits just to see... We tested it, and there's like no chlorine at all in the water," said Brad Clardy, the president of the South Overton Neighborhood Association.

Clardy was one of the residents who tested his own water.

"I think the water is probably OK, but I think it's just one of those things that you certainly want to stay on top of and not let it get out of hand," Clardy added.

"There's nothing to be concerned about. It just is something we can control and take care of," Gonzales said. 

Late Friday afternoon, all testing was completed, and the city's bacteria tests came back negative for any bacteria in Lubbock's drinking water.

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