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New Medication for Hip Fracture Sufferers

One of the biggest challenges for the elderly is hip fractures. And those who recover are high risk for another break.

But now, a new drug is in clinical trials that may make it a lot easier for patients to protect their bones. It's a new medication called zoledronic acid. It's in the same class as drugs like Fosomax, but this one is given only once a year intravenously.

The latest research out of Duke University suggests zoledronic acid significantly reduces the risk of death after a hip fracture. 

"The reason they were less likely to die isn't because it improved generalized health, it's because they were less likely to have another fracture and we less likely to be immobilized," said Dr. Wael Barsoum, Cleveland Clinic.

The once a year, 15 minute i-v treatment was approved by the FDA last month and is being marketed under the name Reclast. One benefit of the drug may be how it is delivered, as other drugs are given by pill.

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