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City Says Central Water is Safe to Drink

The city says drinking water in Lubbock is safe. Test results released Tuesday night from the city revealed there is no bacteria in our central Lubbock waterlines. The testing was done after home owners in the South Overton area tested their tap water, and found no chlorine particles. Chlorine is needed to keep bacteria out, making your tap water safe to drink.

The water department says the problem sparked after several valves in the South Overton area were closed, and that prevented water from circulating properly. The city says it's an isolated issue, but some folks living in the area say there may be another situation that needs to be dealt with....old water lines.

Brad Clardy is the president of the South Overton neighborhood association, "It's great that they're doing this, but our concern is that our fundamental problem is one that's probably not going to be resolved by just flushing." Clardy says the city has been diligent about flushing their lines the past couple of days, which appears to be working.

But if you have doubts and would like to test your chlorine levels yourself, you can do so for about 6 dollars. Chlorine testing kits are available in the pool section of local hardware stores. A safe level is above point five parts per million.

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