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The Infinity Razor: Does It Work?

Good razors these days can cost you a good amount of money, and then you have to spend a bunch more to buy replacement blades. But what if you could find a razor that you would never have to replace?

Just think about the money you can save if this razor works?  It could be in the hundreds, but can the Infinity Razor make the cut? NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Jones found a product that claims its blades never go dull, so she puts it to the test.

You could say that shaving is not one of Jason Rasco's favorite things to do.

"I usually use an electric razor just because my neck gets bad razor burn," said Jason.

So we introduced Jason to the Infinity Razor.  The makers claim this razor has sharp and durable steel blades.  And it's not named Infinity for nothing.  Apparently these blades never go dull. If that's true, then why does the blade come off if it's supposed to last a lifetime? Just thought I'd point that out.

Jason lathered on the shaving cream and put this razor through an extreme test -- his beard which hasn't been shaved in four days. And as soon as Jason put the razor to his face, he knew.

"Yeah, that hurts pretty bad," Jason said. "What's it doing?" I asked. "It's pulling really bad," he replied.

Not only did the razor drag and pull like a cheap single blade disposable razor, but the Infinity wasn't getting all the hair.  Jason had to go over the same spot three to four times, and still the razor wasn't getting it all.

In the end, Jason walked away with some battle wounds, but he also walked away knowing...

"I wouldn't buy it," stated Jason.

A majority of the reviews I read were bad and rated this product a piece of junk. If you're wondering, it costs $20, but the Infinity Razor just doesn't cut it.

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