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HealthWise at 5 From 3.20

  • Calcium may Prevent Cancer

It helps protect your bones and now new research suggests calcium may also help prevent cancer. Harvard researchers studied the diets of more than 120,000 women and men. The study found those who got seven to 800 milligrams of calcium a day had nearly half the risk of Colon Cancer compared to those who got less than 500 milligrams. Researchers believe calcium may help slow the growth of certain cells that can lead to cancer. The study is published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Researchers note that the protective effects of calcium appeared to be limited to a lower part of the large intestine called the Distal Colon. They say they found no extra benefits in diets that contained more than seven to 800 milligrams of calcium. The daily recommendation for most adults is 1,000 mg and higher for children.

  • Kids and Computer Injury

Whether they're doing homework or chatting with friends, most kids spend several hours a day on the computer, and that increases their risk of a repetitive stress injury. So, experts at Kessler Rehabilitation Centers recommend the following to make your child more comfortable. First, try to create a child-sized work area with the computer screen 18 to 24 inches from their eyes. Encourage good posture and proper typing techniques, and teach your child to take breaks every 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Sick Auto Syndrome

It's hard to resist the smell of a new car, but did you know that smell can actually come from a combination of toxic chemicals? Austrailian researchers say the interiors of new cars emit high levels of chemicals such as Benzene, Styrene, and Acetone for up to six months. To help minimize exposure, doctors say new car drivers should make sure there's plenty of outside air circulating through the car for the first few months. A push is on to identify any effects of the chemicals that may impair driving.

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