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Determining Your Risk for Cancer

Your family history can determine the color of your hair, your height, and even your health, but lifestyle may be even more important in determining your risk for cancer. Doing certain things to lower that risk is the idea behind a new Harvard website called Your Cancer Risk. "We estimate that between 90% an 95% of the population have at least one thing they can be doing," said Dr. Graham Colditz from Harvard School of public Health.

Based on thousands of surveys from the nurses' health study, researchers at Harvard have designed a sort of Cancer Calculator that tallies your risk at the click of a mouse. To start the calculator, choose from one of the 12 cancers listed. Then just answer the questions, usually with a yes or no. In a matter of seconds, you find out your cancer risk, and ways you can lower it with tips that are tailored to you.

Researchers say if everyone at Harvard took the calculators advice, 75% of Colon Cancer could be prevented. Remember the web site is for prevention, not diagnosis.

For a link to the Harvard Cancer Risk Calculator (click here).

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