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Police Chief Says Lubbock A Safe Place To Live

The Lubbock Apartment Association invited Police Chief Claude Jones to their meeting Thursday, and his focus was the crime rate in Lubbock.

"Crime rate is not just a police department problem. Crime rate is a community problem," Chief Jones said.

Through graphics and numbers, the chief showed that total crime is down 2.5% across Lubbock, and the number of arrests is up 27.2% in the first 6 months of this year.

"I don't know of anything we can do to impact this any less," Chief Jones said.

Reason being, Jones says many of the crimes impacting Lubbock now happen behind closed doors.

"There's so much the police department can do, but yet there are things that we just can't resolve. Personal issues between two people behind closed doors, and sometimes that's where homicides go," Chief Jones said.

To date, this year Lubbock has seen 13 murders, and with three and a half months to go in the year, that number equals the total number of murders in 2006.

"All in all, Lubbock, I believe, is a safe community. A lot of good people that live here and they don't hesitate in calling us, and we'll certainly do everything we can to resolve the criminal issues," Chief Jones said.

As Lubbock looks to the future, Chief Jones points to a few things the police can do to continue this trend of low crime.

"I think we continue our hiring efforts. We continue doing better in our responses, and the fact that the officers are out there, even off-duty are willing to respond and try to protect their community," Chief Jones added. 

Staying Safe Around Your Home
The Lubbock Police Department put together this useful manual. It's a checklist of what you can look for around your home to keep you and your family safe.

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