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Money Problems Cause Central Lubbock Day Care To Close Down

NewsChannel 11 has learned money problems are the reason a Central Lubbock day care is closing. Wednesday, Children's Orchard Child Development Center told parents the facility could be shutting its' doors next Friday.

The Children's Orchard door have been open to children for more than 40 years, but come next Friday those will be closed for good, displacing 130 kids and leaving nearly 40 staff members out of work.

"Why we're closing down I don't know. I was informed on Tuesday and informed to give a mandatory staff meeting so they could come and announce to staff," Director Debbie Ernst said.

Ernst says Children's Orchard board president; Ed Thorne made the announcement Tuesday.

"We have already been established here for so many years and we have to now start over again," Children's Orchard Kitchen Cook Angela Garza said.

Thorne tells NewsChannel 11 it is purely a financial decision. The Children's Orchard is housed in the Seventh Day Adventist Church building. He claims operating the daycare is costing more than the revenue it is bringing in, leaving the church with a six-figure deficit. In addition, it is leaving parents scrambling for new child care.

One day after learning the Children's Orchard would close; parents are taking a tour of Kid's Kingdom.

"We would have never left if we would have not been closed," Karen Caddel said.

"Our children all attend Children's Orchard, and we received notice yesterday [Wednesday] that our preschool was closing affective of next Friday," Tracey Carruthers added.

Therefore, Carruthers along with other parents are taking the day off to visit day cares, and now those like Kids Kingdom have new parents frantic to sign up.

"All we could do was answer the phone and mange our operation here. They're the first group to show up," Director of Kids Kingdom Cheri Harper said.

Thorne tells NewsChannel 11 since most patents paid through the 28th it made financially the most sense to close next Friday. At this time, there it is not known what or if anything will take the place of the Children's Orchard.

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