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Brain Attack: A Stroke Survival Guide

The word "stroke" is so terrifying. Today it's America's third leading killer after heart disease and cancer, and it can effect anyone at any age. NewsChannel 11 and Covenant Health System are proud to bring you an NBC special report; "Brain Attack: A Stroke Survival Guide."

This program sorts through the myths and misconceptions about this crippliing medical condition, and highlights breakthrough treatments plus the facts you need to protect your family.

We hope you enjoy "Brain Attack: A Stroke Survival Guide."  If you would like to watch the entire show again or share it with a friend or family member, we will be streaming the entire show up on our website for anyone to watch.

Also, if you have questions concerning strokes.  Please e-mail us at  During a special Heathwise at 5 on October 1st, our expert will answer your questions.  If you prefer, you can also send a postcard with your question to:

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