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Consider This... LP&L Donation Helps Lower Taxes

I was pleased to see the Lubbock City Council lower the tax rate for citizens this coming year.

But make no mistake, they were able to do that after a $1 million donation from Lubbock Power and Light. And even though $1 million is less than half of 1 percent of the total $315 million budget, I'm told without the LP&L donation, council would not have been able to lower the tax rate any further. Seems odd to me.

Consider this, in all fairness to council, they could have used that money, pretty much any way they wanted. Like bailing out Citibus, who just lost the last of their federal operating money. But instead, they asked Citibus to do what all businesses must do when profits are down, cut expenses or raise rates.

But the biggest kudos goes to the board of Lubbock Power and Light. They are the real reason you're city tax rate is lower. I hope we continue to see our city owned electric company do what I think it is intended to do...provide lower rates to its customers, and lower taxes to its owners, the citizens of lubbock!

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