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The Euro-V Brush: Does it Work?

The makers of the Euro-V claim that it is the world's first straightening brush. You can take hair that looks frizzy and in half the time make it look straighter and neater. The Euro-V brush works like a straightening iron, but it has bristles.

Susan Baker normally has naturally curly hair. She blow dries it straight almost everyday. We caught up with Susan at a Lubbock salon, and fortunately Debbie Trevino was more than willing to test the Euro-V for me.

"You have to make sure the hair dryer follows along with the brush and then the metal heats up. So, therefore, it allows for the hair to straighten out," says Debbie. After Debbie straightened a portion of Susan's hair, the results were positive. "I think it works pretty good," says Debbie.

The makers say their product cuts styling time in half, but Debbie didn't agree. "How about double on this product," she says.

Another product not staying true to all its claims. However, it does straighten the hair, but Does it Work? You decide.

I personally would not buy this brush on the basis that I have really thick hair, and it would definitely take me a long time to straighten it out by using the brush. I will tell you why: the bristles are too thick and the opening is too small.

Now, it is up to you if you want to spend your $20 on this product.

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