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LISD Classes No Pass, No Play Waived Classes

Foreign Languages:


French Level III - Pre AP

Biology - Pre AP/Pre IB

French Level IV, V - AP

Biology AP - AP

French IV, V - IB

Biology AP/Anatomy & Physiology - IB

German Level III - Pre AP

Chemistry - Pre AP/Pre IB

German Level IV - AP

Chemistry AP - AP

Latin III - Pre AP

Chemistry II - IB

Latin IV, V - AP/IB

Environmental Science AP - AP

Spanish III - Pre AP

Integrated Physics & Chemistry - Pre AP

Spanish IV, V - AP/IB

Physics - Pre AP/AP (B & C)

Spanish VI - Pre AP

Physics I, II - IB


Language Arts:

Social Studies:

English I - Pre AP

Comparative Government - AP

English II - Pre AP/Pre-IB

Economics - AP

English III, IV - AP/IB

European History AP - AP

Independent Studies in English - Pre AP

European History/20th Century World Topics - IB

PSAT/SAT Prep - Pre AP

History of the Americas/20th Century World Topics  - IB

Theory of Knowledge - IB

Human Geography - AP


Psychology - AP


Special Topics in Social Studies: World Civilizations - Pre-AP

Algebra I - Pre AP

United States Government - AP

Algebra II - Pre AP/Pre IB

United States History Since Reconstruction - AP

Calculus AB/BC - AP

World Geography Studies - Pre AP

Geometry - Pre AP

World History Studies - Pre AP

Independent Study in Math I, II - Pre AP

World History AP - AP

Math Higher Level - IB


Math SL - IB


Math Studies - IB


Precalculus - Pre AP


Statistics - AP


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