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Yoga: A Prescription For the Common Cold

There's still no cure for the common cold, but scientists are experimenting with a common form of exercise they say may help protect people from the sniffles and other diseases.

The theory is that instead of waiting until a cold hits and the body droops and aches, why not treat the body first to make it strong before the germs attack?

"Your immune system impacts your overall health, so we're looking at what we can do make sure your immune system is intact," Dr. Theri Raby, internal medicine.

Dr. Raby suggests something you can't buy at the pharmacy, yoga, and she says there is a science behind that prescription.

A Washington State University study recently found that breast cancer patients who practiced yoga three times a week felt less pain and were less tired and fearful.

Even better, blood tests revealed they had noticeably less of a particular protein that is a  marker for stress, which is important because studies have shown that stress can  take its toll on the immune system.

Overall, Dr. Raby says yoga encourages stronger breathing, which means more oxygen intake and improved circulation. All factors that can help boost the immune system.

So, Dr. Raby says prepare to fight your winter cold before winter by practicing yoga regularly at home several times a week. At the very least, she says, it will attack the stress chemicals in your body by replacing them with feel good endorphins.

Yoga classes are easy to find around town. The YWCA offers a class in the morning and evening, UMC's Seniors Are Special program offers yoga at the UMC Activity Center, and the Lifestyle Center at Covenant offers yoga too.

Here are the numbers if you'd like more information.

  • YWCA, 792-2723
  • UMC Activity Center, 783-8829
  • Covenant Lifestyle Center, 725-4386
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