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Virtual Colonoscopy

Katie Couric is braver than I am. As part of Colon Cancer Awareness Month, she demonstrated on the Today Show new medical technology that may make it easier for doctors to find Colon Cancer.

It's called a Virtual Colonoscopy. Instead of actually inserting a small camera into the patient's colon, the colon is inflated with air and the patient is imaged in a C-T scanner. Then, doctors use virtual reality technology to 'fly' through the length of the colon searching for lumps that might be cancerous.

The test is non-invasive, and there's less discomfort for the patient than in a conventional Colonoscopy. Researches say when the technology is perfected, it will be added to the arsenal of tools used everywhere to detect Colorectal Cancer. It's the second leading cause of death in this country behind lung cancer, but Colorectal Cancer is 90% curable if it's caught early.

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