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Two Lubbock Ladies On The Move

"We're going to try to walk every step of the way. She's my daughters bestest friend in the world, I'm sure bestest isn't a word but she is. And we've known each other because she's my daughter's best friend and truthfully I've got to say my best friend," said Hope Dirickson or her walking partner Stephanie Bankston.

Along with the trucks and trips along Highway 84, there's another mission afoot.

"We're calling it the ‘walk for life and love'," said Stephanie.

Inspired by shows like NBC's The Biggest Loser, Stephanie and Hope found themselves living a life they weren't happy with, an unhealthy life.

"It's for a family, for our children to become healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. To definitely lose weight because we've noticed that we've let ourselves go like most of America and we just. Don't want to do that anymore," said Hope and Stephanie.

They started training three weeks ago. "It is never too late. If I'm 47 and I'm out here, you can do it," said Hope.

Gearing up for a trip neither ever thought they'd be taking, a trip that started on Monday.

"We're averaging right at 15 to 20 miles a day," said Hope.

Every day they're taking a big step forward towards a new, healthier life.

"We gave ourselves the 19th of October so we've got 24 days left to get there," said Hope.

Most of would probably fly the hour from Lubbock to Dallas or maybe drive five and a half hours, but not Stephanie and Hope. No, they're on a mission to change two lives. Taking each day, 20 miles a day, to make it to their destination, Dallas.

"If we can do it, two nobodies, overweight, smoke too much, the whole bit, all the obstacles and we're out here doing it, you can do it too. Yes, definitely," the ladies said.

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