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Consider This... Covenant Medical Group/BCBS Dispute

I'm just flat out apalled at the outcome of the Covenant Medical Group/Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance dispute.

In case you haven't heard, the Covenant doctors want more money,Blue Cross Blue Shield doesn't want to pay, and the self imposed deadline has passed. And so far, this fight over money has done nothing but leave thousands of patients with fewer health care options.

Now despite the drop dead deadline that has come and gone, I'm told a deal could still be struck but BCBS is not willing to negotiate. The damage has already been done.

I've talked to a dozen or so folks who've said they're already looking for a new doctor. They say they refuse to pay the huge increases or be pawns in this greed driven stand-off.

So who's to blame? I wish I knew. Our viewers seem to be spreading more blame towards Covenant. However I think there is enough blame to be spread equally.

So consider this, to every board member, manager, CEO and doctor involved on the Covenant side and to all representatives at Blue Cross Blue Shield, enough already! Stop jocking for position, quit holding your patients hostage and get the deal done.

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