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Update on Dusty Jonas' Diabetes Diagnosis

You may remember about 6 months ago, we decided to show you what happens when you get your blood sugar checked. Dusty Jonas, a sports reporter here, volunteered to take the test. Well, no one was more surprised than Dusty at what that tiny drop of blood revealed.

"542! what does that mean? that means we're going to do it again. That's what that means. That's very, very, very, very, very high. Is that bad? that's very bad."

After that test, Terry Curran, a nurse practitioner at the Combest Wellness Center went into action for Dusty. First he got an insulin shot in the stomach to bring down his soaring sugar levels. Then, she put him on a program for healthy living with medication to control his diabetes.

After this unexpected diagnosis, we are glad to report that Dusty went back to the Combest Center this week for his 6 month check. His blood sugar level, which shocked everybody earlier at 542, has dropped now to an average of about 100, which Terry says is right where it needs to be.

Dusty says he is so grateful that he volunteered that day to be the guinea pig for a simple Healthwise story.

"It's worth coming and getting checked out. It takes a little bit of time. It doesn't cost hardly anything. And we're talking about your life here. It's a very manageable disease. Here, 6 months later, I'm living life just fine because I got checked out," says Dusty. 

Dusty's advice to others is that everyone should know their glucose level. You can find that out by taking advantage of blood sugar screenings at area health fairs or you can always stop by the Combest Wellness Center at 301 40th Street in Lubbock. There they will test for diabetes anytime for just $5 and no appointment is necessary.

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