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South Plains Fair A Haven for Does It Work

There are many products to choose from at the South Plains Fair. This year, I found some familiar stuff, like the salsa chopper and "Freddy the Fuzzell".

"I've spent a year trying to figure out this thing, can you tell me your secret?," I asked Freddy's handler.  "I'm not going to tell, it is still the same.  You gotta get one to find out," he told me. For $6, you too can find the magic behind Freddy's tricks.

I don't remember Jean McNeely from Childress, Texas at last year's fair. She is here demonstrating the Alznner Orthotic.   "Tell me, does it work?" I asked her.  "Yes it works," she answered.  "How do I know?" I asked. "Well," she said, "we take a foot print."

Then let's get to it!  She really took my footprints.  She is checking out to see the condition of my arches.   "Yeah, you've got a problem," Jean told me about my arches.

The orthotic is supposed to line your body up, call it a foot-insert to keep your spine in check. "Do you have any on?" I asked.   "You think I could sell them if I didn't wear any? Sure, I wear them," Jean said. 

These inserts, which is made of polyethylene will cost $200 and Jean says they will last about 6 to 7 years.

Now we go from feet to hands at Blessed Soaps and Lotions with Sara Hignight from Ozona, Texas.  "The goat capital of the world," she said.

Sara is here in Lubbock selling her homemade lotion made with goat milk.  "In my lotion, I put goat milk and honey and that's what makes it so special.  It feels different to the normal lotion," Sara explained.

This retired teacher stays up late at night making 48 scents.  "I want to know, do you milk the goats yourself?," I asked.  "I don't milk the goats now. I used to milk the goats.  Now I use dry milk," she said. 

A four ounce bottle of Sara's lotion sells for $5.  

Since we're on the topic of homemade products...  "We're making Wahoo boards," said Margaret Holt.

Wahoo is a marble game.  It's a game I remember playing with my grandparents. "He cuts them out, and I paint them," she said.  "Do they work?" I asked.  "Yes. It's a wonderful family game," Margaret replied.

These Wahoo boards will run you $15 which includes all the marbles and dice.

All the products can be found in the Commercial Exhibit Building near the south entrance of the fairgrounds.

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