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Treating Heel Pain

It's the newest way to treat heel pain, and it's available now in Lubbock. The Ossatron is a machine that sends high frequency, ultrasonic shockwaves into the heel to break up the inflammation that's causing the pain. Dr. Ken Stephenson, an Orthopedic Surgeon, said the procedure is painful because it is involved with such a tender area, but the patient is under some anesthesia.

When NewsChannel 11 sat in on this procedure, Stephen Jenson told us it was worth the effort. "I didn't feel nothing, and I'm not having any pain out of my foot right now. He said I can walk out of here, and I don't need no crutches," said Jenson.

The whole procedure takes about 10 or 12 minutes, and it may leave a little redness or bruising. Dr. Stephenson says that it takes away heel pain 65% of the time, so it doesn't work for everybody. But when it works, the advantages over traditional surgery are remarkable.

"The advantages would include that it's much less painful for the patient than having an incision on their heel. They get over it more quickly. Most patients have immediate pain relief," says Dr. Stephenson. He also says that patients can go back to work the next day without crutches.

Dr. Stephenson adds that he expects this technique to grow to include treatment of tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, and other problems in the near future.

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