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Check For Unapproved Cough Medicines

FDA officials announced as many as 200 prescription drugs containing hydrocodone, which is a painkiller and cough suppressant, are on the market without approval.

The FDA says these prescription drugs have never been proven safe or effective in children, but some of the labels contain instructions for use in kids as young as age 2 and now, the FDA is receiving reports of adverse effects in some children.

So the FDA is ordering manufacturers to stop production of hyrdrocodone products for children if the drug is not approved.

What makes this confusing is there are some medications with  hydrocodone that are approved but about 200 are not.

So, if you have a prescription pain killer or cough suppressant for kids in your medicine cabinet that contains hydrocodone, click here to see if that medication is on the FDA list of unapproved drugs.

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