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How What You Drink Can Affect Your Health

You've heard people say you are what you eat, but health experts say it could be more accurate if we change that old saying to, you are what you drink.

"Studies have shown when people get their calories from drinks; they end up eating more overall calories. That makes them more prone to being overweight," says nutritionist Katherine Tallmadge.

 "I think that's the most important thing is the amount that they contribute to the calories that they take each day, which can lead to excess weight gain, which then leads to other things like chronic diseases,"  says Mathew Mintz, MD, internal medicine.

Dr. Mintz says it's not just obesity affected by what you drink but the list includes tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes, bone strength and more. All of which are linked to what you drink.  And he says that's why some dieters fail, because they think they're cutting back by going light on meals but then drink soft drinks or beer.

So, what should we be drinking? Tallmadge says the best drink of all is simply water.

However, a small cup of orange juice in the morning can start you off with a good boost of vitamin C. Add to that 3 servings of skim or soy milk during the day and you get a good dose of calcium, protein and magnesium. Then a small serving of alcohol at night can protect against heart disease.

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