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Consider This... Insurance Dispute Follow Up

Last week I placed equal blame on both sides of this area's big insurance dispute.

To re-cap, the region's biggest health coverage provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield, refuses, to negotiate with the Covenant doctor group that want more money, leaving tens of thousands with less health care options.

I also called on both sides to get to a resolution quickly. I've since learned that a compromise is nowhere in sight and it could get worse before it gets better. In fact, I hear this process could repeat itself next year when the dispute expands to not only Covenant doctors, but the entire Covenant Hospital.  

So consider this, if you are one of the tens of thousands covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield in this area, you still have choices.

First, you can pay more continue to see your Covenant doctor.

Second, you can find another doctor that is covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Third, you can ask your employer to switch insurance providers. There are plenty in town including First Care, which is Covenant Health System's owned and operated insurance company.

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