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Unattended Toddler Drowns In Bathtub

A 13-month-old Lubbock girl is dead Wednesday night after drowning in her bathtub.  

Police say no one was watching the toddler when she drowned around 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. However, two other children were in the bathtub with her. They were only one and two years old and it's unsure if all the toddlers were related or not.

Police say there was an adult male in the house when the girl drowned, but police add he was not watching the children in the tub. And from what neighbors say, there's some confusion as to who actually lived in the house. But whoever does live there hasn't lived there long.

"They'd just been there for a couple weeks I think. I'd just seen them when I went to work at 7:30. I seen them out there one time, just the two ladies or two girls, I don't know, but I never seen any kids," said one neighbor.

This is an active homicide investigation. Police consider any investigation where someone has died a homicide investigation until they can prove otherwise.

There are still many unanswered questions and police offer this warning to anyone who watches young children.

"Be sure that anytime your kids are in water or around water that there's adult supervision right there watching what they're doing," said Lt. Scott Hudgens.

We're still working to find out who the man in the house was, his relationship to the children in the bathtub and why the kids were unattended. Charges have not been filed against anyone at this time.

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