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CPS Conducting Investigation Into Infant Drowning

Two siblings and three cousins of the Lubbock infant who drowned Wednesday are now in foster care.  NewsChannel 11 has learned Child Protective Services is conducting its own investigation into the drowning of 13-month-old Kimyana Licon.

We've also uncovered allegations of neglectful supervision in the family's past. Protective services tells us they had to remove two children from Licon's aunt back in 2004, but after counseling and other services, they were able to reunite the family back in March.

The organization also provided assistance to Licon's young mother, with teaching and other parenting tools.

CPS says both families were doing very well, until Wednesday's incident.

Caller: "Yes, my niece is drowning."
Operator: "What's wrong with her?"
Caller: "She's drowning.  She's not making any sound."

Police tell us that Licon's uncle made this call to 911.  Investigators are still reviewing several statements, but police believe he was the only adult inside the house when Licon and two young cousins were in the bathtub and Licon drowned.

The 911 call reveals Licon's mother and aunt were there at the time of the call.

Operator: "Okay, do you have her out of the tub?"
Caller: "Yes we do."
Operator: "Is she breathing?"
Caller: "No, she's not breathing at all."
Operator: "Do you know how to do CPR?"
Caller: "Yes, they're doing it on her right now."
Operator: "Do they know how?"


Operator: "Okay, who is that?"
Caller: "Her mom."
Operator: "Is she the one doing CPR?"
Caller: "Yes."
Operator: "Okay, get somebody else to do CPR then. I need to get somebody else in there to do CPR right now."
Caller: "Okay, my wife's doing it."
Operator: "Tell the mother of the kiddo, tell her to go outside and wait on the ambulance. Let's get her..."


Operator: "Tell her to get out of the room. I know it's hard, but you've got to get her out because we've got to get this done, okay, so we can save this baby."

CPS says they will keep Licon's siblings and cousins in their care, until their investigation is complete and until they can ensure the children's safety.

Police have not filed any charges in this case, and they are still working to determine if any charges will be filed.

The medical examiner did complete an autopsy on the infant Thursday afternoon, but those results have not been released.

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