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Nude Dancing is Officially Back in Lubbock

Nude dancing is now officially back in Lubbock County, but it will cost taxpayers $50,000.

Monday morning, Lubbock County Commissioners voted to settle with the owner of Boom Boom Cabaret. The 10 month ordeal comes to an end Monday as the county admits it was wrong and agreed to the settlement with the strip club. But taxpayers will be the ones paying.

The Boom Boom Cabaret was stripped of its sexually oriented business permit, citing mistakes on the application back in January.

Nude dancing returned in June, after Federal Judge Sam Cummings decided the club owners should have been given more time to correct those mistakes. 

Monday morning, Lubbock County Commissioners settled with club owner Charles Ault, giving him $50,000 for lost revenue and attorney fees.

Patti Jones, a Lubbock County Commissioner says, "Unfortunately we are writing a check for $50,000. Nobody likes to have to pay money out from taxpayers but we felt at the time we had justification."

John Grace, Assistant Criminal District Attorney says the county plans to update the deadlines and the application process to avoid any further misunderstandings. The owner of the Boom Boom Cabaret will also be involved in any rewriting of sexually oriented business laws.

A lawsuit is still pending between the county and Fantasy Theatre, which is an adult video and book business. Grace says we could possibly see the same type of settlement with that lawsuit.

Two Sexually Oriented Businesses Struggle to Stay Alive
Two sexually oriented businesses are suing Lubbock County in an effort to keep their doors open.

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