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Science Project Proven: Most Accurate Forecast in Lubbock

That's what one local seventh grader found to be true after testing local forecasts for accuracy. 13-year-old Trent Tibbit tested local television forecasts for 12 days and found John Robison's forecasts to be the most accurate. Tibbit tested wind speed and the high and low temperatures during a 12 day stretch. Monday night, John interviewed Tibbit about his science project which he appropriately named, 'Chili Today, Hot Tamale.'

"And what I did was, after those forecasts, I went to the National Weather Service and got their accurates from their recordings. I put those together, and I made a percentage of accuracy, and you won two out of three, so you were considered the most accurate," said Trent, seventh grader from O.L. Slaton.

Tibbit's science experiment was awarded first place at the Regional Science and Engineering Fair last week. The teenager also received an excellence in meteorology certificate.

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