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Cheez Heroin: New Deadly Drug Draws Warning

Parents, teachers, and Lubbock officials are learning for the first time in detail about "cheez" heroin.  An activist from the Dallas area was in town talking about the deadly combination of black tar heroin mixed with crushed caplets of Tylenol PM.

Carlos Quintanilla says before it becomes a crisis, Lubbock needs to come together before it starts killing young children in our city.  

Make no mistake, there's nothing cute in the name.  "Cheez" heroin, as it is referred on the street, may sound harmless, but it's not.  It's deadly, because "cheez" is nothing more than heroin, a very highly addictive drug. 

More and more kids are choosing to use it because it's cheap.  Kids are buying it for two bucks a "bump."  The scary part is some are dying after using it just once. 

Children as young as 14 years old have died as a result of a heroin overdose in the Dallas area.  Quintanilla became involved in educating parents in February when he found out the drug was being sold in the same school his son attended.  He's on a mission and it happens to be in Lubbock.

"I want to create this massive information network of parents, teachers, and everyone who wants to talk about the horrors of this drug that we in Dallas have seen kill 40 young adults," said Quintanilla.

Quintanilla says Dallas schools have arrested more than 200 children selling the drug.  Those school children are getting the drug from adult dealers to push the drug on other young middle school children. 

"So you have kids who are users, sellers and they sell them in non-traditional areas like in schools, at parties, at games, and at other recreational activities," he said.

The community was encouraged to attend this rally to learn more.  "I've never heard about it before," said one woman.

Some who attended were hearing about "cheez" for the first time.  "There are nine and ten year olds kids that are on this stuff," said Rosie Wilson, a grandmother. 

Some came as far as Levelland to learn more.  "The reason I'm here is because I want parents to be educated on 'cheez' because they don't know anything about it," said Maria Benitz.

Cheez heroin is a drug that is snorted and it's cheap.  Kids are becoming addicted to it on their first try. It's a cheap drug to buy and continue the fix.  Remember, it's only costing $2 on the street.  

We do know the Texas Poison Control Center has reported a heroin overdose case in Hockley County, but no deaths. So, there may be signs it has been detected in the Lubbock area.

But before "cheez" can become a crisis, representatives from the police department, city council, Lubbock Independent School District and County Commissioners plan to organize a task force to put preventative measures in place.

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