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Consider This... County Mistake Costs Taxpayers

Lubbock county taxpayers will be writing a $50,000 check to a local strip club after a lengthy legal dispute.

Why? A federal judge said county officials shouldn't have denied a permit to this sexually oriented business. In fact, he said in this case, the process itself was flawed.

So what went wrong? Sounds to me like officials were trying to crack down on these types of businesses, only to have it backfire.

So consider this, there is good news and bad news here. The good news is the county was given a chance to cut its losses to $50,000, a fraction of what it could have cost.

The bad news is you and I have to pay for a mistake that should have never happened. If you're going to crack down, have a better plan. Because the last place I want my tax dollars spent, is in a strip club.

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