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Grout Aide: Does It Work?

The face of Billy Mays is on this product. This guy promotes practically every As Seen on TV Product on the market, it seems.  But does that make you feel confident in Grout Aide, a grout and tile marker? 

Grout Aide is only $8, but we work hard for every dollar we get, so let me show you first before you spend your hard earned money, Does It Work?

First things first, shake the marker for 30 seconds and then gently press the "nib" on a piece of paper.  Hold it for 45 seconds, or until you see the white paint come out.  That's right; this stuff is water based permanent paint. 

Now, you are ready to see if this stuff can instantly turn dirty grout into something that "looks better than new!"

This takes no artist, or even a steady hand, just trace the grout lines.  I could see a difference. In no time at all, I was able to finish a little area in less than ten minutes. 

"White on white, you can't really tell but you can see the white paint on the tile.  What if you had tile that was green, black or anything that is not white?  You are going to see the white paint on the tile," I noticed.

The package also says it is water resistant.  To test that, I splashed water on the tile and the paint seemed to stay in place. 

The before and after pictures really told the story. The dirty grout did not seem so dirty any more.  I think the Grout Aide works, but honestly, this is just a quick fix that may not last forever.

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