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Lubbock One Step Closer To Cesar E. Chavez Drive

A decision nearly seven months in the making is almost final as parts of Canyon Lake Drive will soon be Cesar E. Chavez Drive. But this decision didn't come without plenty of debate from citizens at Thursday morning's city council meeting.

"You may either speak, or you may waive your time but you may not yield your time to anyone else because of the large number of people that want to speak," said Lubbock Mayor David Miller.

The mayor gave those instructions to the audience before they spoke their minds on this highly debated road name change.

Some Lubbockites said:

"The question is not should we honor Cesar Chavez, the question is, how should we honor him?"

"Cesar Chavez's name isn't going to tarnish anything, it's going to enhance."

"We agree that Cesar Chavez needs a street but not in the canyon lake, not on Canyon Lake Drive."

"That is a canyon. It is historical. And it is deserving of its name."

The floor was then open to Linda DeLeon, the architect of this proposed change.

"Canyon Lake Drive and park 18 to rename after an individual that deserves that recognition but more so for my dad, my mom and for all the people sitting here that had ancestors that went through those struggles," DeLeon said.

But despite differences in opinion and culture the city council voted four to three for the change to Cesar E. Chavez Drive on two parts of the road, north of the city from Loop 289 to Avenue U and then from 1st St. and Avenue K up to Broadway.

"This would be the first Lubbock street to be named after a Hispanic which would honor Hispanic contributions," said one Lubbockite.

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