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Not A Single Vick 'Em T-Shirt Returned

It turns out no one wants to trade their Vick 'Em T-shirt in for a different one.

Since Texas Tech has banned the shirts and Theta Chi Fraternity has been put on probation for selling them, the shirts are now big collectors items. The Saddle Tramps were offering to trade any Vick 'Em shirt for a Wreck 'Em Tech shirt on Thursday, but not one single person showed up to trade.

Jonathan Merritt, the Saddle Tramps President says, "It's understandable that we didn't get any back but what we did do is give out free T-shirts to those who can sing the right words to the fight song. So I feel like we did something positive to help tech get something back from the hit we took."

The shirt is a spin-off on former NFL football player Michael Vick's dog fighting charges. It shows a football player hanging a dog but in this case, the dog is named Revalee, the same as Texas A&M's mascot. And the shirt which originally sold for just $10 is now selling for as much as $130 on E-bay.

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