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Video Portrays Teen Fighting In Lubbock Park

NewsChannel 11 found a disturbing discovery on the video sharing web site YouTube.  It is a fight between two young girls that looks real, and the person who posted the video claims it was shot in Lubbock's Clapp Park.

While we here at NewsChannel 11 cannot verify whether the video is real or not, Lubbock Police say they are taking it seriously. Police tell us that at the very least, the people in the video could be charged with a misdemeanor for fighting in a public park, but depending on how the situation came about, those involved could face more serious charges.

"Any fighting in public is a Class C Misdemeanor; they can be charged with that in municipal court," Lt. Scott Hudgens said.

"If somebody gets injured, we'd have to look at that and see what the motives were and see if maybe a more serious crime has been committed," Hudgens continued. 

The fight looks like a violent attack between two young girls, punching, scratching, and clawing at each other, and in the background it appears a group of people are watching the fight, allegedly in Lubbock's Clapp Park at 46th Street and Avenue U.

The videos are labeled MATCH PT 01 LUBBOCK CITY! and MATCH PT 02 LUBBOCK CITY!.

Once Lubbock Police heard about the video, they logged on and found several more.

"I looked at the You Tube site once I became aware of this, and there seems to be quite a number of videos of this nature on there from all across the country," Hudgens said. 

The two girls appear to stop after two rounds, and one appears hurt. Police hope this isn't a new trend starting in the Hub City.

"It's apparently something new to Lubbock, and hopefully it's not going to get any larger. The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt just because they want to be on YouTube," Hudgens said. 

Lt. Hudgens says if somebody is not a willing participant in a fight like this, the charges could go up to assault, or even organized crime, due to the crowd watching.

If you do know anything about this video or the people involved, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

This appears to be the only fight posted that claims to be from the Lubbock area. For Your Mobile Devices
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