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Crops On The South Plains Destroyed By Hail

Last night NewsChannel 11 warned you about a storm moving across the South Plains. The National Weather Service says the storm moved from the northwest into Hale, Castro, Lamb and Lubbock counties.

The damage was widespread just west of Plainview, in the community of Halfway. It was a sudden blast from Mother Nature.

Halfway Farmer Bryan Curry said, "Last night was something else."

The storm moved across the South Plains Wednesday night. It downed power lines and sprinkler systems, flooded roads and drenched fields of cotton and corn.

"Probably lost 240 acres of cotton and corn behind me here, probably 80 percent damage," Curry said. 

Farming in the Halfway area for over a decade, Curry says he's never seen one storm do so much damage.

"We lost about 10% of our cotton crop, what we're figuring and you take neighbors that have lost 100% of everything," Curry added.

Jeff Cox is one of those neighbors.

"We had five pivots of cotton right here on the highway that we've lost and one sprinkler that got filliped over and ruined and we'll have to replace it," Cox explained.

In a matter of about 20 minutes, the storm dropped three inches of rain and marble size hail, destroying entire crops. Cox says the hail ruined all 500 acres of cotton.

"All the leaves are on the ground. And all the open cotton is on the ground. There's a few bolls that were open that are still on there, whether they open, we have to strip them I don't know," Cox added. 

For both farmers, only time will tell the true extent of the damage.

"This is one that could take you out, knock ya out. See how things go in the next 60 days," Curry said.

The National Weather Service says last night's storms produced hail ranging from nickel to golf ball size.

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