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Big 12 Rivalry Means Big Bucks In Lubbock

Drivers along Broadway in Lubbock honked their horns when driving past Red Raider Outfitter Friday.  That's due to a giant, inflatable crab, wearing a sign saying: Honk If You Think Aggies Stink.

The crab is in honor of Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree, and it's just a creative way one business is hoping to draw in the crowds and the big bucks.

"If it's red and black, it's hot right now," Red Raider Outfitter co-owner Stephen Spiegelberg said. 

The claws are out at Red Raider Outfitter.

"It's been awesome," Spiegelberg said. 

With Tech fans targeting some specific tees.

"Right now, it's probably the game day shirt, Texas A&M/Texas Tech game day shirts," Spiegelberg said. 

While the shop was busy Friday, "Tomorrow is going to be crazy," Spiegelberg said. 

That's also the word from the Lubbock Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"We're sold out of hotel rooms, and I know we've got 4,300 hotel rooms in Lubbock," Executive Director Marcy Jarrett said. 

That translates into a million dollar gain.

"Somewhere between $5-million to $7-million," Jarrett said. 

It's money that comes from more than just the Tech fans.

"That's part of it too, will their fans follow the team, will they come in and stay? And A&M fans will," Jarrett said. 

The folks at Spanky's hope to paddle the competition.

"The screaming and yelling, there's probably going to be a lot of that with the Aggies tomorrow," General Manager Josie Garcia said. 

Their doors are open to serve both sides.

"We've been really busy this season, wrapped around the building all day long. Tomorrow will be our biggest game, three in a row, we're still not tired, but we'll be tired after this weekend, that's for sure," Garcia said. 

Traffic is expected to be very heavy Saturday, so walkers are encouraged to only cross at intersections with lights. Lubbock Police say they're prepared, and if everyone is patient, they'll get in and out safely.

In the past, there's been talk of moving this game to Dallas. We checked in with Craig Wells at Texas Tech. He tells us the topic is still on the table, but there hasn't been any talk about moving the game lately.

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