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Big Game Weekend Brings in Big Business

Thousands of people made their way to the Hub to see Texas Tech take on Texas A&M this weekend. And it seems that influx of people left an influx of dollar signs for many local businesses.

It was a big win for Tech and just as big of a win for many local businesses surrounding the Texas Tech campus.

Clothing stores were busy during the day, bars were busy at night and restaurants were busy around the clock.

Restaurants like One Guy's were jammed packed over the weekend.

"The money is huge on a weekend like this. We see close to a thousand of customers," Adam Lucas an employee at One Guy's told us. 

One Guy's thrives on weekends like this one and they plan in advance for the big business. We're told they doubled the amount of employees they normally have scheduled.

After fans filled up, many grabbed something new to wear to the big game.

Hannah Robinson, Spirit Shop employee explained, "It started off really crazy in the morning people coming in and getting last minute T-shirts, tattoos, hats, and flags."

The booming crowds started on Thursday and lasted through Sunday.

"Before they headed out they just wanted to make sure they had all that cool Tech gear," Robinson says. 

The nightlife was in full effect over the weekend.

Bar P-M has been open for 7 months now, and the owner, Michael Clintsman tells us they raked in record breaking business.

"It was our busiest weekend of the year, we hit record sales for the weekend and it was an influx of money and students and kids. Good times and good money," said Clintsman.

As the weekend wraps up, and a new week begins, these hard workers tell us they're ready for some R&R.

"The last 3 days have been crazy, no sleep and a lot of work, so we're looking forward to resting the rest of the day," says Clintsman.

The next Texas Tech home game is October 27th, when Tech will take on Colorado. That game of course is not expected to bring in as much business as A&M did.

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